OB Dialer Requirements

1. You must have a computer running Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8) Then proceed to second step. For MAC users kindly visit the link below:


2. Good and fast Internet Connection. Minimum of 3 to 5 Mbps internet speed and it shouldn't be intermittent. You can now proceed to the third step.

3. Download and install ZOIPER browser plugin.

*NOTE: ZOIPER is only compatible with Mozilla. Due to updates, it will not open if you use it with other internet browsers like Chrome, Opera or Internet Explorer.

From external source: http://www.zoiper.com/downloads/zoiperweb/Zoiper_Web_2.8.19556.zip

To install ZOIPER plugin, open the folder where you've downloaded the file and extract the downloaded file. Do not open the file from your browser, you must open the folder where you have downloaded the file.

(Note: To extract file on Windows, you have to make sure that you have installed winrar or winzip on your computer).


The picture below shows how to extract downloaded file if you have winrar and winzip already installed in your computer. If you do not have winrar or winzip, search on google using the words winrar or winzip and then install on your device.


Double click the ZOIPER icon to install.

Let the install finish.

Note: This is a browser plugin so you will not see any software installed in your desktop. You will only see ZOIPER once you have logged in to the OB Dialer.

Once you are done installing ZOIPER in your PC, you should proceed to the fourth step.

4. Register your IP address with our chat support or Technical Team


     It is important to send your IP address to our chat support or Outbounders staff to have it registered. (Example of IP addresses: 2.424.99.4 or

To find your IP address, simply visit these sites: http://whatismyip.com/ and https://www.iplocation.net/. After finding your IP addresses, you can send it through our chat support or any Outbounders staff that you are in contact with. You should have your IP registered in 1 to 15 mins tops. You can now log in to your OB Dialer.

NOTE: IP addresses can change when you restart your modem and router, you should send in your IP address 15 mins before you dial.

Please test and watch our next tutorial using the link below