Outbounders FAQ

Do you provide leads?

Yes, to get a quote from us, click here

How do I train the agents?
On your campaign's page, there is an option to add training Material. To learn how click here

How are the agents paid?
Agents are paid on a weekly basis. Pay for last week’s hours will be paid on the following Friday. They are paid from the funds that you've deposited in your account.

What if I just want to hire someone for X amount of hours?
No minimum hours. Part time is also acceptable.

Will the agents know how to use the Dialer on your system?
A lot of agents are long time OB users. There are also tutorial videos for new agents that they can check. 

Are agents okay with working for pay for performance?

Yes, there are agents who are confident in their abilities enough to work based on performance only.

How does pricing work?

Refer to How It Works to get everything you need to know about pricing.

Can you help find someone for me?
Yes, we have created the Recruiting Assist Program specifically to help you save time in looking through the recruit section and trying to find the very best person for the job. The Recruiting Assist Program is a service where we do all the recruiting for clients. 

Is the OB Time Tracker Free?
Absolutely. 100%

How can my Job Posting get a lot of attention?
Applicants who are serious about working will always read through postings. Offer and job description are the most important factors.

What is the minimum time I can work with an agent to see if they are a right fit or not?
There is no minimum time, you can end contract at anytime

How can I notify an agent on my recent job post?
You can invite agents from the "My Jobs" section or simply go to their profile and send them a general message.

Do I get a refund if the agent did not work out at all?
At anytime you can end contract with an agent. You can also dispute charges if there is proof an agent was purposely unproductive.

Is their transfer option in the OB Dialer?
Yes, transfer conference functions, such as Blind Transfer, Dial with Customer, Park customer.

Where are you guys located/where are you headquartered out of?
Our main headquarters is in Cebu, Philippines.
We also have offices in Manila and teams that work from home around the world.

Is there some sort of Guarantee?
If you choose to train and test agents without pay then it will have to be between you and the agent. Keep in mind, there is no minimum time to end contract with agent on DIY. If things seem to not be working out for the day, you can end the contract immediately.

Can I give commission?
Yes. We have 2 types of job postings. One is performance based(purely commission) and another is Hourly based. If they want to pay hourly plus commission then they just need to choose Hourly based and add commission.

How do the agents get paid?
Once you make a deposit, we distribute payout on a weekly bases.

How do I know if the agents are working or not?
We provide sophisticated monitoring technology to all users for free. This software is called OB Tracker. It takes a screenshot of the agent's computer screen every 3 minutes, lets you know the idle time, and logs time use on unauthorized websites and more.

If you choose to go with the OB Dialer, you will also be able to track call logs and recordings. You will have a  visual report of calls made, call disposition, and call recordings.

How long have you guys been around for?
Over 3 years

How much is the OB Dialer?
The OB Dialer $1/hour per agent. That includes unlimited calls to mainland US and Canada. The rates for other destinations are:

Alaska $0.090
Hawaii $0.054
Australia (landline) $0.015
Australia (mobile) $0.200
United Kingdom (landline) $0.005
United Kingdom (mobile) $0.103
United Kingdom (other mobile) $0.340
Singapore $0.010

If the agents use the OB Dialer, what number will show on the leads Caller ID?
You can set that up using your number as the Caller ID or the Agents inbound number.

How do I get in contact and interview agents?
You can click the "send message" icon and invite for interview.

Why The upfront deposit?

Unlike other online staffing sites that have less than stellar reputation with their contractors, we require an up front deposit to guarantee staff will get paid for hours worked. And we notify them as soon as your balance is negative. This is to ensure that you can always find the highest quality staff at Outbounders.com. Rest assured you can withdraw any unused funds from your account at any time, and if you have a dispute with agent you can request arbitration. 

What if I don't want to use the OB Dialer? 
You don't have to use the OB Dialer, you can have agent do manual calling like Skype or your own dialer solution. The benefit of using the OB Dialer is that it greatly increases agent productivity and all of your reports and account management will be centralized.

  • Time tracking reports (Included without OB dialer)
  • Screen shots (Included without OB Dialer)
  • Call metrics (WITH OB Dialer shows: # of calls, leads, staff ranking, etc)

You can make life easy by having everything in one place. Plus we provide training and instruction to agents on how to use OB dialer.