Payment Process Applies to both OB Managed (OBMS) and Client Managed (DIY) Contractors:
We pay via Paypal.
PayPal number - This is the email address you use to log on to your PayPal account.
NOTE : We only have PayPal available for now. We do not charge any fee for agents using PayPal but PayPal has its own transaction fee which is more or less 4% of total paid amount.

EON SAVINGS ACCOUNT(Unionbank) - the only required method of payment for agents based in the Philippines as it reflects the transferred amount real-time. If EON SAVINGS is not available in your area, please secure a GET GO savings account from UnionBank. Please don't confuse EON STARTER KIT with EON SAVINGS ACCOUNT. We don't accept EON STARTER KIT accounts.

NOTE : We charge a small transaction fee of $1.50 for each payout.
What is an EON Card?
It is a debit/credit card that can be acquired from Union Bank. Again, please don't confuse EON STARTER KIT with EON SAVINGS ACCOUNT. We don't accept EON STARTER KIT accounts.
How to get an EON Card?
Just like any other ATM card, all you need to do is apply through your nearest Union Bank branch.
1. Fill out the form online to acquire an application code -
2. Go to the nearest Union Bank branch, present your application code and present 2 valid ID's and a processing fee of P350.00

We only accept your EON account. We will not accept someone else' s EON account to send your pay. This is for your own protection.
3. In less than 3 hours, you will be able to get your new EON Card
Why do we require EON Account for payroll?
For the Agents: aim to protect all its contractors for potential fraud, theft and account usage abuse through the presence of one personal bank account through Outbounders preferred banking - Union Bank. aim timely disbursement of pay regardless of holidays or any other offline banking schedule that hinder normal pay processing by the use of its preferred and official online bank account - Union Bank (EON) where payment can be made real time any day.
For the Clients: aim to to work with legitimate contractors only to protect the interest  and security of all its clients.
With these considerations, will apply strict implementation of rules for payroll accounts and its processing effective January 30, 2015 payout so contractors with determined identities only can work with Outbounders and its clients.
All changes in the payroll accounts must be done and updated in OBS not later than January 27, 2015 at 12NN before payroll is initiated by accounting for that week's payout.
Please be guided of the following:
1. Effective January 30th Payout, all contractors including admin and agents from both OB Managed Services and DIY Client Managed Services are required to use only one local bank account for payroll which is the company’s official and preferred banking - Union Bank's EON account. Contractors need to update their profile in OBS with EON personal savings account.
2. The name and owner of the contractor in OBS profile, must be the same name and owner of the EON account (No Exceptions)
3. Pay will only be sent out to the agent account owner through his/her EON Account regardless of circumstances (No Exceptions)
4. All Philippine contractor using Paypal must already have EON Account in their OBS profiles on or before January 27th for January 30th Payout. Only contractors outside the Philippines are allowed to use Paypal Account for payroll.
5. All OB contractors will be paid every Friday. Payout for all OBMS & DIY contractors will be initiated by payroll company every Friday between 8:00 - 5:00 PM. Payout for all Paypal Payees will be initiated by OB every Friday between 4:00 - 5:00PM Manila Time.
IMPORTANT Notes to contractors in the OB Marketplace:
Payment will only be made when there is sufficient funds in the client's account which will be confirmed in OBS every TUESDAY, 4PM Manila Time. If your client adds funds after the deadline, these funds will be processed for you on the next pay-run.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient funds to continue the campaign. We strongly suggest that you remind your client when funds go below $10.00, and you can suspend calling when funds turn $0 until there is funds being replenished in the account. No pay will be made on negative balance accounts.

If you have any changes that need to be made in your Outbounders account with regards to EON or PayPal, please be advised that we will only accept changes up until Tuesday 4PM Manila Time. If the change is done after this time, adjustments will be applied on the next pay-run.

We will not fast-track your payment via Paypal. This has resulted in duplicate payments in the past. Therefore this is no longer an option.

We only accept your EON account. We will not accept someone else' s EON account to send your pay. This is for your own protection.

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