How to execute Warm Transfer

1. First you must be on a Live Call with a Customer. (Either by Manual Dialing or by Autodialing)


2. Click “TRANSFER CONF” Button

Transfer Conference Functions will appear

3. Enter manually the Transfer Number on the “Number to Dial” Space.
or Agent can simply click D1, D2, D3, D4 or D5 (if set on the campaign settings)

4. Click “PARK CUSTOMER DIAL” to put the customer on hold while dialing the transfer
or Click “DIAL WITH CUSTOMER” to dial transfer number with the customer is on.

5. Once the transfer number gets the call, click “GRAB PARKED CALL” if customer is on hold.

6. Click “HANGUP XFER LINE” to Hung up Transfer line only
Click “HANGUP BOTH LINES” to Hung up both Customer and Transfer Line
Click “LEAVE 3-WAY CALL” to disconnect from the Conference leaving the Customer and the Transfer Line still connected.

The Call is transferred. You are now ready for the next call.