How to Change Zoiper Web Sound Settings

(For more information on how to use, log in or set up your Odialer click this link or copy & paste to your internet browser and watch the video:

When on a call using the Odialer, there are instances where you cannot hear the customer or vice versa. You will need to check Zoiper audio settings.

To check and properly set your audio, Click on the wrench icon as shown below.

A new window will pop up, and from there check the box called "Show Advanced Options" on the lower left side and click on Audio Devices for the audio device settings to appear. Set your all accordingly. Input devices are your microphones. Output devices are your speakers, earphones or headset. Select your device by clicking on the drop down button. After selecting the right device. Click on OK to save.

You can test and continue dialing to check if you have set up correctly.

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