Dialer best practices

1. Each list should have maximum records of 10,000 leads.

2. Upload your leads at least an hour before your agents start calling, this gives enough time to the dialer to load leads to hopper.

3. It is best to set the dialer to Manual dialling when you have less than 3 agents. This can be done in My Campaign page

4. Don't call too early or late! In some countries its illegal.

5. Scrub your leads before uploading them, read DNC guidelines below.

  • Telemarketers are required to transmit Caller ID information and may not block their numbers.
  • Telemarketers must ensure that predictive dialers abandon no more than three percent of all calls placed and answered by a person. A call will be considered "abandoned" if it is not transferred to a live sales agent within two seconds of the recipient's greeting.
  • Telephone solicitation calls before 8 am or after 9 pm are prohibited.
  • Anyone making a telephone solicitation must provide his/her name, the name of the entity on whose behalf the call is being made, and a telephone number or address at which you may contact that entity.
  • For more information see government regulations here:
  • 65
  • 18-May-2015